Property Development

Adame Commercial focuses on partnering with our clients and building long term relationships as a property developer. We deliver solutions that meet our customers’ demand for flexible and functional workspaces.  We focus on sites throughout south Texas.

Property development process

Adame Commercial has an in-house development team which handles all aspects of the property development process including:

  1. Sourcing the ideal property or land, taking into account location, infrastructure and other factors;
  2. Negotiating joint ventures or partnerships, if required;
  3. Identifying options for optimizing the deal structure;
  4. Advising on issues relating to the environment and planning, as well as development approvals;
  5. Contractual rights and obligations;
  6. Master planning;
  7. Architecture and design;
  8. Developing purpose built facilities;
  9. Project management;
  10. Funding.